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Mission medics

Our goal is to prepare people with a heart for God to witness for Christ while providing medical care for individuals and communities in need. Mission Medics seeks to train reformers to provide God-centered, holistic healing (physical, spiritual, and emotional).



We are currently in a transition period, but will have dates on our website soon! Thank you for your patience.

Emergency Care

  • We are currently in a transition period, but will have dates on our website soon! Thank you for your patience.

Developing World Medicine

Classes run from January through April 2019, Monday nights from 6-9pm.

(If the majority of class members prefer Saturday condensed sessions, we will change the schedule accordingly)

International Outreach

TBD (approx 2 weeks, usually in May or June).


Costs include books, materials, and CPR certification

Emergency Care course: $150 USD

Developing World Medicine course: $150 USD

International Outreach: $2,000 – $3,000* USD

TOTAL Cost: $2,600 – $3,600* USD

*outreach cost changes based on location and duration of outreach

Course content

The School of Mission Medics consists of two part-time courses followed by an optional international outreach.

This course teaches first responder skills in a condensed, focused format. It is taught by a nationally certified instructor at our i-61 equip: campus in Boise. Students are given the opportunity to receive CPR certification, but because of the condensed nature these courses are otherwise uncertified.

Emergency Care

CPR - Anatomy and Physiology - Trauma - Medical Emergencies - Scene Safety and Triage - Mechanism of Injury - Assessments - Vital Signs - Splinting & Bandaging - Transport

Developing World Medicine

Top Causes of Death in the Developing World - Common Illnesses of Children and Adult: Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention - Wound Care and Suturing - Basic Laboratory Tests - Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Hygiene and Sanitation - Basic Dental Assessment - Nutrition and Childhood Development - Vaccination, Injections, and Starting IVs - Village Health Education and Assessment - Medicine in the Kingdom of God - Healing Prayer Ministry - Mercy, Redemption, Social Justice, and Humility

International Outreach (Optional)

We travel as a group to provide hands-on healthcare evangelism in poor villages of a developing nation. The location and duration of this trip is determined after the class starts.