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love justice school

Love Justice is a part-time school at the Boise Campus. This program seeks to equip and empower people to effectively minister with the love of Jesus to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women and children in crisis, both at home and around the world.



We are currently in a transition period, but will have dates on our website soon! Thank you for your patience.

Course content

The Love Justice school consists of four distinct classes. Classes are held one night a week and are followed by an optional international outreach.


Tuition for all four part-time classes: $250 USD

Books: $50 USD (approximate)

Host home: $900 USD ($150/month, upon request and based on availability)

2-week, 3-week, and 5-week international outreach ground fees: $TBD (airfare is additional)

Three week domestic outreach: $TBD

Three week local outreach: $250 USD

Topical Overview

This class explores a different injustice each week. Classes may include the following:

Human Trafficking - Sex Trafficking and Demand - Child Soldiers -The Girl Child - Street Kids - HIV/AIDS - Refugees - Orphan/Foster Care - Sexually Exploited Children - Poverty and Child Abuse - Child Slave Labor - Children of Addicts - Drug Abuse - Malnutrition and Disease - Disabilities - Abortion/Gendercide

Trauma and Crisis Care

What will you do when a traumatized child is sitting in front of you? This class will give you tools to make a difference in the lives of victims of injustice. You will receive practical guidance to serve those whose lives have been shattered by trauma. You will learn how to recognize and minister to traumatized children through the following classes.

  • Understanding Trauma in Children

  • The Cycle of Violence and Intervention Planning

  • Trauma and Loss, Children and Grief

  • Children’s Emotional Health in Trauma

  • Trauma’s Impact on Behavior

  • Attachment and Bonding

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Spiritual Nurture for Wounded Children

  • Stresses of Compassionate Caregivers

  • Planning Care for Caregivers

Biblical Justice

Doing justice sounds good, but what does God say? Each week will dig deep, through a teaching on the biblical foundation for justice and God’s heart for the broken.

Worship and Intercession

This is a time of taking these issues to God, on behalf of the victims, and for ourselves as we are affected by what we learn. We expect that this course may bring up unresolved issues from the past for some students, as well as grief, anger, and other emotions as we learn of the world’s atrocities.

Outreach Opportunities

We are firm believers that if you are not good at loving your neighbor next door, you will not be good at loving a neighbor in the third world. We’ll start by loving the kids right here in Boise before our official “practicum” overseas. Our local outreach includes ministry with children of addicts, foster care, human trafficking in America, refugees, and more.

Students will serve at least 10 hours in a ministry to people in crisis locally and then have the opportunity to go international.

International Outreach (Optional)

Students will use the skills they have learned in the classroom to meet the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of women and children in crisis, both at home and around the world. After completing the core classes, students can join us for an optional international practicum in a third world setting, getting their hands dirty and hearts changed while working alongside ministries that are responding directly to the vulnerable. Students who cannot participate internationally will participate in local outreach.