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Ready to delve deeper into the issues and put your knowledge into action? We offer unique short-term group missions trips which weave together the i-61 justice training with practical outreach.


Our current international focus is in the Thailand/Myanmar region.

Participants will gain awareness of the global issues and be introduced to skills for helping those who are most vulnerable. Participants get their hands dirty and their hearts changed while working alongside ministries that are responding directly to women and children in crisis.

Please contact us for more current information about upcoming trips.

For those of you who have gone through some i-61 training and/or have skills needed on the mission field, we would love to connect you with our network partners who work full-time around the globe in areas of injustice.

There could be opportunities for you to serve in a variety of ways, depending on your heart and your areas of expertise.

You can browse our network partners here. Please contact us for more information about how you can serve these amazing network partners.

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